A Memorial Day Reflection

Today, the U.S. is celebrating Memorial Day in honor of those who sacrificed their lives on the various battlefields of the world of which there have been many.  Both supporters and dissenters of the politics of those wars still owe thanks to the men and women who made that sacrifice because they were called to serve or because they chose to serve.  One of my cousins is one of them.  These and all other honors are more than well deserved. 

Over the years it has become common to also acknowledge anyone who, currently or in the past, serve(d) in the armed forces.  These folks are often asked to stand to be acknowledged in public gatherings on this day and the weekend preceding it.  I’m proud that both of my grandfathers, my father, several of my uncles, another cousin, my father-in-law, two of my brothers-in-law, and my wife’s grandfather have all stood on such occasions.

I think there is still more room for remembrance and honors on Memorial Day for there are those who have sacrificed for the sake of the “good fight,” a phrase made famous by the Apostle Paul.  Their wars were and are being fought on a spiritual rather than a physical plane.  So many have sacrificed their time, talent and treasure to do the will of Him who called and sent them.  Many have sacrificed their comfort, and some their reputations and even their lives for the sake of this work.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all beneficiaries of these soldiers, many of whom still fight on battlefields unseen by most of us who are far removed from these front lines.  

Remember all of them and give thanks.             

© Byron L. Hannon, 2021.  All rights reserved to text content unless otherwise noted.  

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