Thanks Mom

“…Can a mother forget her nursing child?  Can she feel no love for the child she has borne…? (Isaiah 49:15)

Over the last 36 hours, even as I thought about my mother over this Mother’s Day weekend, I found myself in the presence of three other mothers: my wife, my eldest daughter (who we see irregularly because she lives on the other side of the country where we are now), and new friend  to whom we were introduced by our daughter.  There were no new motherly revelations opened while I was with them, but I listened closely to their talk (and occasionally contributed) as they shared their joys, some of the sorrows and the heartaches they’ve endured, the sacrifices they’ve made, and most of all, the love they had and still have for their children that is specific to their roles as moms.

Thanks to all of you mothers, grandmothers, aunts who acted like mothers, mother figures, and mothers-in-waiting.  When those times come when you feel forgotten or think no one notices, remember, there is a GOD who never forgets, who always notices and who’s love endures forever.  And some of the rest of us also notice and care deeply. 


© Byron L. Hannon, 2021.  All rights reserved to text content unless otherwise noted.          

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