Solitary Worship

Yes, Lord, I believe!” the man said. And he worshiped Jesus. (John 9:38)

I’ve been around the church and church folks for a long time.  I’ve been in a lot of worship settings, read different writings on the subject, and heard multiple sermons, sermonettes and homilies regarding worship.  I’ve lost track of all the choirs and worship teams I’ve seen perform.  I’ve even been in some.  I’ve experienced the full spectrum of outward response to corporate worship, including stoic silence and rock concert exuberance.

The most precious to me, however, is the solitary, personal worship that is guided by my confidence in GOD’s promise of His presence and the inner movement of His Holy Spirit that leads me into freely offering praise and figuratively and, sometimes literally, bowing in recognition of He who is worthy of worship.  There is a sweetness that surpasses words in those morning meetings which easily remind me of my wife’s favorite hymn, In the Garden. In it, the singer reflects on their enjoyment in being alone with the Lord in a garden and their desire to remain and hesitancy to leave despite being urged by the Lord to do just that (to do the work He’s assigned).

I so get this!  It is this daily time alone that gives deep meaning to the work He’s given me and makes communal worship more than just a liturgical activity.     

In the Garden, by C. Austin Miles, 1913. In the Public Domain. 

© Byron L. Hannon.  All rights reserved to text content unless otherwise noted.  

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