My Habitus

“…We constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of His calling, and that by His power He may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith.” (2 Thessalonians 1:11)

A challenge of writing is to feel like you have something you believe is worthwhile sharing with others.  As Toni Morrison has said, the issue isn’t whether your audience agrees with you about the value of your writing; it’s about your inner conviction about that value.  In other words, you write for yourself before you write for others.

To be frank, I’m feeling blocked about what to write despite having an active thought life and the recent experience of engaging in some rich conversations.  So, rather than force it, I’m going to spend the next week (maybe more) focusing on my “habitus.”  This is a word I’ve learned recently from my reading.  It is a Latin term that refers to the characteristics, physical or spiritual, that constitute an individual.  Morally and spiritually, it consists of those routine practices and traits that are the foundation of character formation.

Not that I ever forgot, but the last three months have been particularly challenging emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  The thoughts I think, the words I speak, and the actions I take all reflect my habitus.  I want my habitus to reflect the calling of GOD in an unambiguous way.  Weighed against eternity, that’s what matters most.

When I have more to say, I will certainly say it, even if it’s just for me.  Blessings.

© Byron L. Hannon, 2020.  All rights reserved to text content.

1 thought on “My Habitus

  1. Karen Spillane

    Oh my stars bryon at this point in time my feelinga are so much similar all words have to be thoroughly taught out.
    I will continue to read even if just for you
    Will pray for you
    Love you
    our tree roots run deep



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