I Wonder If There Will Be TVs In Heaven

I wonder if there will be TVs in heaven.

I wonder if Eleanor Rigby will be too busy to be lonely, and all will hold her dear.

I wonder if Father McKenzie’s sermons will be preached, and everyone will hear.

I wonder if Stevie will still wish for days gone by, and will Marvin sing Mercy, Mercy Me without a hint of plaintive cry.

I wonder if Job will rest, satisfied, knowing now, “Why ‘ask why?”

I wonder if Jeremiah will yield his wounded heart, with each and every tear because all  the evil kings and false prophets will be seen, and there is no need to fear.

I wonder if Kipling’s “If” will be needed at all, for none will need help to stand tall.

I wonder if the reason why the revolution won’t be televised in heaven is because the        revolution will either enlist or consume us all.


© Byron L. Hannon, 2019.  All rights reserved.

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